For all the men and women out there who aren’t afraid of trading photos or even meeting up with strangers, SweetSext (formerly known as SnapSext) is definitely a site you NEED to check out. In this review, I will go over my experiences with this great dating site! SweetSext is similar to the famous app, Snapchat, but focused on sex and sexting!

SweetSext: How it all starts out when you begin

At first, I was hesitant to write this article because I’ve been meeting a good amount of women from this site and I didn’t want to over-saturate the site with men. I realized though I also have many women readers so I’d most likely get a lot of women to sign up as well and it will all work out in the end.

If any of you used Tinder during its first couple of months, this is pretty much the same thing. No bots, real horny women, and lots of hookups. Trust me, you’re going to love it when you join SweetSext.

Today, many of the mainstream dating sites or apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc., are full of fakes, prudes, or just not the type of woman that is looking to hookup. I personally wanted a woman to be open with me, and share all of her dirty secrets and desires. After canceling my Tinder Plus subscription, I deleted my dating apps and pretty much gave up on online dating. I went to a bar that night in Santa Monica and talked to one of my friends and my experience with these apps, and he recommended that I check out more ‘adult’ oriented dating sites.

After some research, it turns out there’s quite a handful of sites that are just straight to the point about having sexual encounters and sexting in general. Basically, the women and men you may meet on these sites only want one thing: sex. That was what I was looking for this entire time, and I’m sure many of my readers as well.

My advice when looking for a sex dating site is to look for reputable companies who know what they are doing. After doing research, I found that the SweetSext app is pretty reputable and is run by a parent company that runs many other reputable dating sites.

Detailed Review of SweetSext.com

Upon signing up for SweetSext, you can tell right off the bat that this site has what you want. Registration is super simple and easy and is quite entertaining. Depending on where you sign up, as you proceed with every step, there is a woman in the background that removes a piece of her clothing! Also, when you give the site your location, it starts calculating if there are other locals in your area on the site, which it found quickly for me.

With all the hype in the beginning with the signup process, you can say that it got my blood pumping into all the right places if you catch my drift. You are prompted with many pictures of sexy women to choose from and it makes online dating very simple and fun. 

If this already sounds enticing enough, we haven’t even gotten to the good part yet….

After initially choosing from the selection of women, I decided to fill out my profile (I suggest you do this first). You should fill out your profile first with details and pictures because the first women I tried to contact I got no response because my profile was empty! Usually on fake sites, women will ‘contact’ you even if your profile is empty because they are just bots. Not on this site, however.

The first woman I talked to after I filled out all my profile information was someone who lived 2 miles away from me in West Hollywood. She told me she broke up with her ex-boyfriend about 2 weeks ago and she was starting to get over it and wanted to play the field. Since it seemed like all she needed was a rebound and wasn’t looking for anything serious, I decided to continue talking to her. She was extremely hot and I was really surprised because I never met women this straightforward and sexy on other apps such as Tinder.

I was still cautious since it was my first time using SweetSext, but she was very talkative and kept sending me pics (you can trade pics and videos within the app like Snapchat!). After talking for a couple of days and trading a bunch of pics, we decided to meet up at a bar in Silverlake that we knew about and immediately hit it off. She was exactly what I thought she was going to be and she was straight to the point. She wanted to hookup and nothing more. After having a bunch of drinks we went back to my place, and well… let\’s say I didn’t sleep much and we had a lot of wine.

This was my very first SweetSext experience and I can’t even begin to tell the other numerous times I’ve had similar or even better experiences than this. This site is filled with singles who are straight to the point and want one thing: to hookup and have sex.

How to use the site:

Finding Women on SweetSext

Very similar to Tinder, you can filter women based on several features. These features include location by miles, sexual preference, age, body type, and much more! After that, you browse through the available women based on your settings. What’s great is you can send pictures and videos through the chat feature which makes communicating much easier. If you even want to, you can also call over the app to set up meetings much quicker!

After using this site for months, I calculated about 60% of the women I contacted first replied and were very active when I sent them a pic or message. This site caters to those specifically looking to have sex or hookup as many of these women were down right off the bat!

My Favorite Features of SweetSext

The video chatting, pic sending, and calling features are by far my favorite and set it light years ahead of many other hookup site competitors. By using these features, it has made hooking up and meeting up with women on SweetSext much quicker and easier.

What I liked

Most of the women are young between 18-30. I’m a bit older but that doesn’t stop me from getting hookups on this site. If you’re younger you’ll probably get more women than me! Another thing is a lot of these women are down to trade selfies and videos, which makes the sexting a lot more fun. 60% of the time, if I hit it off with a woman on the site, I end up meeting her and we have sex later that night!

What I didn\’t like

Like all dating sites, there’s always some bullshit you have to deal with. Unlike Tinder or Bumble, this site is really good about not having fake profiles, as their security is really good. What seems to slip through the cracks though are escorts who try to sell you sex. When there are plenty of women who are willing to hookup on this dating site for free, you should avoid that by all means. It is pretty easy to spot out the escorts and there aren’t that many, but I thought I should point that out.

Summary: Why SweetSext is the best dating and hookup site

  • It’s easy to use and sign up on.
  • Currently unsaturated, no fakes, and lots of women currently using it!
  • The functionality, specifically the pic/vid trading, and the calling function make it easy to set up dates and hookups!

Do I recommend SweetSext? The answer is a big YES.

I still continue to use this site many times a week when I’m not busy with blogging or work and I highly suggest you try it out if you’re looking for an easy hookup.

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