SweetSext or Snapchat? Which is better for hookups?

SweetSext or Snapchat? That’s the question a lot of people are asking. They are somewhat similar in functionality, but the primary difference is who the hookup apps cater to. If you’re looking to hookup on either of these apps, you can possibly be successful on both, but one is the clear winner. I’ve done extensive testing and put in a lot of time testing my luck on both to write you this review! Continue reading to see the result!

Snapchat Review

SnapChat today is a premier social media application that has taken everyone by storm. Chances are someone in your family has Snapchat, as it caters to everyone both teens and older people. Snapchat has revolutionized the way we communicate and has many different uses. A popular usage for Snapchat is sexting, as googling that term will show a lot of results for that. Another popular usage of snapchat is to hookup. Although hooking up and sexting seems to be popular on Snapchat, this is only a small demographic of its users, as there are billions of snaps being sent everyday! That is how big Snapchat is. Given that, there’s a lot of unrelated stuff going on on Snapchat that isn’t related to your goal of sexting or hooking up, so it really mitigates your chances of achieving your goal. From my experience, I’ve gotten lucky once or twice, but I probably wouldn’t recommend Snapchat as a hookup app.

SweetSext App Review

Like I’ve said, SweetSext is very similar to Snapchat in terms of functionality, but the group the hookup app caters to is much more specific. As the name says, SweetSext targets people who want to sext and hookup with each other. Given that, you don’t find a lot of parents (unless they are trying to cheat) or random people on there who aren’t looking to hookup. Because of that, your chances of finding someone in your local area and hooking up with them are much higher. The other difference is that you don’t really need to download anything to use SweetSext, and it is extremely easy to use. I was able to meet many hot babes through SweetSext that I would have never experienced through Snapchat. The explicit content is great too considering Snapchat may ban you if you send adult-related content to other people. I’ve slept with many women using SweetSext and I think it’s probably one of my favorite apps right now. I encourage you to check out my full review if you are interested in learning more! Read the full sweetsext review here.

In Summary

After extensive testing on both apps, I’ve determined that SweetSext is the clear winner between the two hookup apps. The kicker is the fact that the SweetSext app has a user base that is surrounded around the idea of hooking up and sexting. You don’t waste any time dealing with any BS like you do on Snapchat trying to find someone to hookup with. We recommend you check out SweetSext!

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