Video Chatting on Dating Apps

The best dating apps that are out currently all have video chat technology. Asides from chatting, it is really hard to truly communicate with women you meet on the average dating app because you only have text. Some may use Skype but not every woman has Skype and it can ruin the moment with all of those moving parts.

Turning Video Chat into Speed Dating

According to many studies, the usage of video chat over text chatting is much more effective when it comes to dating. Video chatting allows the option of speed dating as it emulates the concept of being face-to-face. By being ‘face to face’ via video chat, you can get a feel of how the person actually is and see their nuances. This allows both people to decide if they want to set up a date in a much quicker manner!

The studies I’ve researched basically stated that with a face-to-face approach, there is a positive reinforcement with your image and allows for her to fully gauge you. Using simply a photo for judging to see if someone is date worthy is a huge turn-off for some women and that is why they avoid a lot of those types of hookup apps. With Sex Messenger and similar apps alike, the video chat function is highly attractive for women.

All in all, the whole point of expediting the online dating process with video chat is to help set up a date location between the two of you. I mean sure you can sext and all that but if you want to hookup you will need to meet up. In my experience, there are a lot more women on hookup apps because of their video chat functionalities.

If you haven’t had a chance to video chat with someone on one of these apps, be sure to sign up. It will create a lot of fun for you and be very memorable.

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