Snap sexting versus texting

Traditional texting sometimes isn’t enough when you’re talking to a girl or boy. Why? Because there are now other apps that have improved upon the simple concept of texting by including video, image, and other forms of communication. If you’re trying to hookup, you gotta snapsext or even use Snapchat as texting probably isn’t enough to get you what you want these days.

Here’s when you should be snap sexting rather than texting.

When you look really good!

If you got your new clothes on or just got your pump on at the gym, texting won’t cut it. Why? You gotta give her something to see because a picture speaks volumes over just your words. If she’s already attracted to you, sending her a nice pic of yourself is only gonna help. Snap-sexting her will greatly increase your chances of hooking up if that is your ultimate goal.

When you’re out drinking or partying!

Let’s face it, lots of girls are turned off by drunk texts. Sending a snapsext can be a much more beneficial and negative way to get what you want. Sending a pic or vid looks like a lot more fun than just saying ‘hey’ at 2 AM. If she’s interested, she will be snap sexting you back!

When you want to express yourself in more than just words!

Sometimes when you’re texting, true meaning can get lost because there is no tonality in writing. This can lead to misinterpretation, which is the last thing you want when you’re snap sexting. So how do you mitigate this risk? Snapsext her! By sending her a pic or vid, you can fully express what you are trying to convey with your facial expressions and tone of voice. It’s basically like talking to someone in real life versus writing to them. There is no loss of expression when you snapsext and you’ll get what you ultimately want.

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