Fuckbook lets you relax and find interesting people nearby. Intimate dating has never been easier.


Many people prefer online dating to read them in a much more productive way. Find a partner for the night, for a long-term relationship, or even start a family. More relaxed and confident because you have time to think about your answer, send the best photo to a potential partner, and communicate without restrictions. Check this review to know more.

Fuckbook is just such a site that expands the boundaries of communication and allows people from different countries or even from the same city to meet and have romantic relationships. It is worth noting that this is a very simple and convenient site built on the principle of a social network that offers more than just communication. There are several key features here: Dating is a social network format; The ability to view intimate photos; Convenient chat and video broadcasting; Quick registration.

If you are over 18 years old, join a huge base of members, and look for sexual partners. It’s worth noting that the registration process is very simple. You need to specify your email address, your nickname, and password. After you verify your mail, you will be able to communicate with people worldwide and intimate exchange photos in search of sexual partners. Fuckbook offers a lot of illegal profiles that will make you interesting people. The search process itself is based on advanced algorithms. You can also read members’ reviews before you register the account.

You have the opportunity to choose your race, gender, religion, and nationality. In general, there are a huge number of possibilities. In particular, you can easily find girls by age and find interesting personalities for yourself. It is worth noting that you immediately need to prepare for the fact that many avatars on this site are sexual. This legit social network is set up for intimate acquaintances, so you should understand that there will be minimum censorship.

Main Features

Fuckbook is trying to be something like Facebook in the sex dating world. This website has various profiles and search algorithms that will satisfy the needs of even the most sophisticated user. In particular, here you can create a section with partners where all people whose photos you have viewed or rated would be added. Also, you can view notifications with messages requests, and friendships.

Now let’s check the main review part. You can decline or accept such requests to chat and make an appointment. It is worth noting that a huge number of members from various countries will allow you to join the communication culture and find a partner for yourself for sex or serious relationships. The main task is to find high-quality legit photos and fill out the Fuckbook profile correctly.

Free & Paid Features

Each user can register for free on this site and search for interesting people; you can also add users you are interested in as friends and bookmarks. Nevertheless, it will still require a Premium Package. It allows more karma and uses secure functions to encrypt and communicate in a secure format.

The fact is that free communication is very limited, and users cannot always read other people’s messages for free. This limitation is because they offer you more paid options. Many people create real Fuckbook accounts here, so you can spend just one subscription to find interesting partners for yourself.

The legit site also offers various additional options that many users will like. But even if you do not want to spend real money, you need to use the opportunities that you have to communicate with people. The fact is that members can leave messages under the photos of other people. You can also create a nickname that matches your name on other social networks. So users can find you on the Internet if you want to communicate with them for free and without restrictions.

Security options

The site offers standard security options, so you don’t have to worry about someone going to your page to hack it. Also, there is a procedure for legit confirming the email address. The administration is sensitive to ensuring that no one violates the norms of etiquette, in particular, pornography or other formats that violate the rights and freedoms of every citizen are unacceptable here.

It is worth noting that despite a large amount of available erotic content, everything happens within the rules’ framework, and no one can require you to publish your intimate photos. In general, Fuckbook is a good social network with a focus on romantic relationships and sexual encounters. The protection of each account and the integrated encryption algorithm guarantee you the relative security of being able to communicate with people.

Mobile version

One of the main advantages of this website is the mobile version. It’s well adapted for social services and mobile devices. Convenient widgets and a calm design guarantee you comfortable use of the site at any time. All photos and other content are scaled depending on the diagonal of your device.

This allows you to communicate without restrictions and view any photos. You will be able to look at pop-up message notifications and switch between users without restrictions. All functions that are present on the standard website are also duplicated in the mobile version.

This is very convenient since most of this platform’s users are in the age range from 18 to 35 years old. As you know, this audience prefers mobile gadgets for communication. A lot of legit reviews saying this is a good website.


If you are an active Internet user, then Fuckbook will help you find sexual partners, married couples, and interesting personalities with whom you want to spend more time. The main advantage of the website is its responsive design and user-friendly platform for young and middle-aged members. There are also many real accounts and the ability to find a partner for intimate relationships. Due to a large amount of erotic content, many users will find inspiration and an opportunity to relax after a hard day at work.

Ease of registration and relative protection of each user guarantees you a comfortable environment for interacting with other people. This legit website is a classic example of how you can create a good platform for sexual communication. Here each user can be relaxed and communicate on any topics that interest him. We recommend this site for those who want to experiment and find interesting dating on the net.

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