Avoid Online Dating Scams

Online dating scams have been rampant lately but usually tend to occur on long-term serious relationship dating apps versus adult hookup dating sites such as the SexMessenger app. Regardless if you’re using SexMessenger for adult flings, or Tinder for a more serious relationship, you still need to be aware because, at the end of the day, you don’t want to get scammed!

How to avoid online dating scams!

There are some clear indicators when you are being scammed in the realm of online dating. As an experienced hookup app user and casual online dater, I’ve seen them all, and have unfortunately fallen for some of these schemes. Here are some of the scams I’ve seen in the past! Don’t repeat my past mistakes!

Directing you to another website

Generally, if the person you’re talking to is trying to talk to you on another site, whether it’d be on Skype or just some random website, it’s probably not real. The reason behind this is that why wouldn’t the person just want to chat on the platform you’re currently on? I’ve seen so many instances on apps such as Snapchat where a random girl hits me up but she wants to sext with me on another site. It doesn’t make any sense because you can send her nude selfies through Snapchat itself so why take the extra step? Because it’s fake.

Look out for sob stories or self-victimization

Oftentimes, you may run into women that have a lot to say about their past and emphasize the struggle they have been through. They try to connect with you on that level and make you sympathize or feel bad about them. A lot of people end up falling for this and this is when they strike. They generally try to ask for money for you or for you to buy them things. Avoid these people at all costs.

Watch out for similarities

This applies to apps like Tinder or Bumble. As we all do, we generally swipe right furiously until our thumbs fall off. This allows a lot of bad women to fall through the cracks and even fakes. The thing I’ve noticed on Tinder lately is that the fakes are getting better, with better profile bios and pictures. They even have jobs and school descriptions, and sometimes an Instagram attached to the account. What I realized though, is many of these accounts have similar jobs or say they are from the same region, etc. If you start getting a whole lot of matches at once from girls who claim to come from the same local area, or have similar job titles, you can surely bet that all of those accounts are fake.

Trading photos without verification

We all love trading photos with women. It’s the next best thing to hooking up because you get to see her naked and she helps you jerk off at the same time. However, don’t get too excited if your newfound woman wants to trade pics right away. This can be a scam. Before you start, always verify if she’s real or not. You can do a quick video cam sesh, or have her write something on a piece of paper for you and then show it to you. If the woman does not agree to do this, then you should avoid her at all costs because they will probably try to have you buy their ‘nudes’ or sell you something else.

These were the most common scams I encountered in my days. Got any that I missed? Comment below!

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