Time to hook up in San Diego

March 26th, 2008

This will be interesting, I got a call last night that one of our larger clients down in San Diego has a critical issue that we need to head down there for. This is actually not my territory for the business but the guy who had the account, well, he isn’t with the company anymore. I’ll say that much. ;)

This means, I am on a time crunch. Typically I’ll use something like Adult Friend Finder or Wildmatch to work some of the locals in each area I travel to in the us. I have none in San Diego. So here is what I am going to do and I recommend for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands to find someone to get together with.

So here is how to find someone to hook up with in a short amount of time:

  • Time is against you. This isn’t the end of the world but you need to act quickly. A lot of people would figure craigslist for the local area would be best but let me warn you against this. You’ll see a lot of people saying they want to hook up. Half of them are spammers looking for email addresses and the other half are no shows. Doing the math? That means you will not hook up. Using something like Adult Friend Finder (I know, I know it costs a little money) but it is a small cost for all the ass you’ll be getting. People on adult friend finder are more serious, hell they’ve paid money, so they are not just trolling around.
  • After establishing an account at AFF, Fling or Wildmatch, you need to get your profile up. If you can get more than one picture up, you’ll be a lot better off. Women like body shots, don’t just take a picture of your cock, guys send them cock shots all day long. Infact don’t take a cock shot, make em beg for it. ;) Really though, a bit of mystery will work for you.
  • Shotgun approach. I have mentioned this before, but you gotta get out and hit all the women in the area. You’ll be carrying on multiple conversations at once but remember you are fighting time.
  • And as always. DON’T SEEM DESPERATE

BTW Fling has been going nuts

March 6th, 2008

If you haven’t checked out Fling you might want to. This site is going nuts. BTW they have some promo videos to drive your dick rock solid.

t2.jpgCheck out this one

Been busy busy busy!

March 6th, 2008

Man have I ever been busy.  I almost forgot about my passion which is helping all my fellow brothers (and some of the sisters) get LAID.  So back on the saddle of updating and helping people find local hookups.

Check out these babes!

July 18th, 2007

Madness pure madness.  Something about the internet brings out the slut in women and I LOVE IT!

Off to texas looking to hook up

May 24th, 2007

Ahh the lonestar state.  I haven’t been to texas for about 3 years.  My last visit there was well, interesting.  I’m back for a trade show in Dallas this time.  It is hot, the women are hot and I DO plan to mess with texas.

I’ll be in texas for a week this time and the tradeshow itself is 3 days long, so that leaves me plenty of time to test the local fare.  So my goal this time?  A threesome.  It has been a while since I had really banged out a good crazy orgy.  Since I was going on short notice and going with sort of a pretty hard goal on a short notice I decided to fire up all of my resources.

Sites used to find the threesome:
Adult Friend Finder

Now I’d prefer a FFM hookup cause who wouldn’t want to be lavished by two cock hungry women? But my actual chances of finding that on this short notice are slim.  My chances are best with a MMF hookup, typically a bored husband and wife looking for something to spice things up.  I’ve had these before and they can be a lot of fun because typically the wife is so horny and ready to be so slutty that you can really just bang the ever loving shit out of her pussy and she’ll ask for more.

I’ll let you know what transpires.  I’m off to catch my flight!

My florida hook ups and sleazy connections :)

April 25th, 2007

Always looking for new angles and sites, fling recently made it on to my radar so I decided to give it a shot. I had a business trip taking me down to florida and I wanted to find some ladies to hook up while I was down there for the 1 week conference. If anything I had a lot of time down there and a good shot to either pick up a lady through Wildmatch, Friend Finder or Fling.

Now I had browsed around Fling and liked the system but never used it for an actual hookup. So I started browsing who was in florida and seeing who was looking for a on the sly hook up. What is nice is that Fling has a “Discrete Profile” option which is a much needed thing. A lot of married or professional women who don’t want to expose who they are can post a profile and show more when the time comes. So they don’t feel like they may be exposed to those who are not meeting their approval requirements. I found that this brought out a lot more cheating housewives. Always a good thing. Fling does has a Free full trial sign up with full options. So I saw it is worth checking out.

So I’m happy to say that I was able to hook up with 3 different women down in Florida. Seeing that I had to work also (groan!) this was a pretty damn good time. Add in a few strip clubs and I was keeping myself very entertained. So I’ll tell you about one of my choice florida hook ups I made.

This was one of those housewife types, you know 30 something pushing 40 getting into her sexual prime, looking for a younger guy for a fling. I actually found her profile on both fling and Adult Friend Finder. Which tells me she was probably on the computer some late night and was making profiles all over cause she was horny. She told me I was actually the first guy she met from one of these (who knows.. and who cares..).

Since I like to keep it cheap (these dates can add up), I always meet for drinks. No dinner because then the bill just grows and grows. Plus I like to get straight to the point, getting liquored up then getting down. She liked the idea of meeting at my hotel bar where we could feel each other out a bit. That is fine with me, I wanted to feel her up also. Wait I mean.. Yes feel her up.

She was early so when I showed up at the bar she was already there, which was just fine with me. She told me she’d be wearing a “Mellow Yellow” sundress. Fuck if I knew what that meant. So basically she had on a yellow sundress. And she was stunning. She kept herself in great shape, her husband was a doctor of some sorts so she had money and money to spend on keeping herself looking good. The dress clung to her tits perfectly.

There is always that nervous part when we first sit down. She was already working on her second cosmo. When the waitress came over I ordered her another Cosmo and my 7&7. Some light flirting and conversation and she was already grabbing my hand. I suggested that we come check out the view of my room. She agreed.

Now my room did have a view. A pretty nice view of the beach area. While she was looking out at the view I came up behind her with my dick pressed against her ass. I could feel her smooth ass through the light fabric of her dress. She leaned her head back while I began to kiss her neck. She purred out a low moan and dropped her hands down as I began to work her neck.

I took her right there. I slipped my hand over her ass and under her dress. She had no panties on. I ran my hand up between her smooth thighs and up to her quivering box. Man she was sloppy wet. Second my fingers hit that messy gash she was moaning in my ear. While working her with one hand, I slipped my other hand into my pocket and fished out my condom. She was reaching behind and unbuckling my pants. I had that condom package open lickity split and on my dick before you could say “Hot damn”

I wrapped my member and slide up to her wet pussy from behind. I just eased that thing in there and suddenly she just pushed her pussy back onto my thing. It was like her pussy was some sort of monster and was just hungry for my cock, eatting the thing like she was starving.

So I took her from behind, right there in the window, not giving a fuck who saw, while admiring the view. I could see the ocean view. I could see the view of my cock sliding into her pussy from behind. It was a kodak moment.

So give it a shot fellow men. Try your luck and let me know how your hook up went. I’ll post your tale here:

Do you remember giving your first facial?

February 15th, 2007

Question:  Do you remember the first girl you gave a facial to?  No you metros not a spa facial.  I’m talking about spunking up a girl’s face with your raw man chowder.  Nothing like just jetting a big huge load of nutsauce all over a willing (or unwilling face).

My first facial went like this.  I’d been hooking up with this babe a few nights a week.  We had a thing going.  It started out with just talking and chatting.  Then we started making out.  She gave GREAT head but I know she didn’t like to swallow so she always pulled out my member and shot my load on her tits.
Well one time we where about to head out to her friend’s birthday party.  She was all dressed up in this cute little silk chinese deal.  Well when I showed up at her apartment I hadn’t seen her for a while (this was before I was able to get my satisfaction through services online) so naturally I was horny as hell.  I kept rubbing up on her ass and feeling her up.  She kept pushing me away.  Finally she said “Ok if I give you a blowjob will you stop!?”.

Shit sounds good to me.  So she drops to her knees, undoes my belt and unzipps my pants.  She reaches in and grabs my semi-hard member and pulls it out into the air.  Right away it jumps up in her face bobbing up and down.  She takes it deep into her mouth in an attempt to get this show on the road.  She starts going to town and I just stand there enjoying it.  We bobs her head deep onto the shaft of my cock and then back and then deep down again.
After a while I just can’t take it anymore.  I start to cum.  She quickly pulls it out of her mouth but remembers that she is all dressed up in her outfit and that I cannot cum on it.  During her second of hesitation I twitch and my first shot blasts her right above her right eye.
I can still remember that day.  She was pissed.

So sick of spammers!

February 15th, 2007

To all your spammers who try to fuck up this blog by posting your bullshit spam comments.  Fuck off.  Seriously, this place isn’t for you.
Yeah I’m pissed but so what.  Screw em.

Flashback to my swinger days in Seattle

January 30th, 2007

So back about 4 years ago, before the internet was a swimming pool of social networking sites like myspace and the hook up section of craigslist, I use to answer ads from alternative local magazines.  Things like The Stranger in seattle.  Anyways I became involved in a local swingers club in Seattle Washington.  I’ve since moved but I made a special trip up their for one of their big swinger bashes.  I gotta tell ya, this is how life should be.  I can’t share any pictures from the event but if I could, I would.

Believe me when I say that casual sex is missing in a lot of our lives.

Just another update on my hook ups

January 20th, 2007

I don’t know what guys like me (and you) did before the internet. I’m guessing that is why there were so many swinger type clubs back in the day. Well shit, I can sit at home or in my hotel room and just browse the stable of local ladies around me looking to hook up. I know a lot of you guys are married, so you gotta use discrete services like adult friend finder or wildmatch. These are the best for married folks looking for a little fun on the side.So today I was thinking I needed to check my normal routine of sites. I typcally first login to Adult Friend Finder and check my messages, then head over to Wildmatch and check the profiles of the ladies in my area. I then will login to my myspace account and see what the ladies are up to.

Yeah I use myspace, it is a great way to maintain your stable of ladies. Actually what happens is I typically meet a lady on a service like Adult Friend Finder or Wildmatch. Some ladies on these services are willing to hook up THAT NIGHT but others take a bit of work. It is like fishing you gotta work them in (these are typically worth the effort though, they know they are hot).